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from 7AM to 7PM!

Bicycles Puncture & Inner Tube

from Southover Cycles

It's late on a Friday evening, you're the last one to finish work, you pack up and walk to the bike store... OMG A FLAT!

You've had a fun day shopping in Brighton, then a couple of drinks with your friends, you head back to your locked up bike and... OMG A FLAT!

No puncture repair kit or spare inner tube... all the bike shops are closed...

Who you gonna call? Southover Cycles of course!

Open 7AM to 7PM we'll come to your location anywhere in Brighton & Hove and either fix the punctured bike tyre or replace your bicycle inner tube there and then!

Puncture Repair - £7
Reconditioned Inner Tube - £9-10
New Inner Tube - £12-15


If it's not listed please ask, we are always happy to quote for any bike repair work required.