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Bicycles Health & Safety Check-up

from Southover Cycles

Full bike health and safety check-up - £20

Have you recently bought a secondhand bike or has your bike been sat in storage for a while?

Southover Cycles will come to you (anywhere in Brighton & Hove) and give your bike a complete check over, to make sure you're not going to be pulling up at a busy junction and your brakes fail, or that your chain will seize up, leaving you with black oil-stained hands and some broken gears.

Our mechanic will give your bike a thorough health check and establish any potential safety risks, then advise on any action required. We will have your tyres pumped up to the correct pressure, bicycle seat and handlebars adjusted for the rider, have your whole bike checked and brakes checked and adjusted if necessary.

Most of all you will have yourself the peace of mind that you're going to be getting around town SAFELY!


If it's not listed please ask, we are always happy to quote for any bike repair work required.